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Our Brands

Orchard Heights Growers

Orchard Heights draws from its roots in the commercial tree fruit industry to bring the emerging cannabis industry advanced farming practices to ensure constant, quality, and competitively priced products.

Pioneering Weekend Unlimited’s B2B model, Orchard Heights provides a platform for farms looking to have a consistent source of premium genetics from advanced tissue culture facilities.

Using the cutting-edge technologies, Orchard Heights has an unrivaled industrial extraction system that can produce consistent high-quality cannabis concentrate.

Orchard Heights Growers is located strategically on the Columbia river, in Central Washington where a majority of commodity producers converge strategically to expedite distribution to the metropolitan markets.

In addition to an advantageous location for B2B processing and distribution, Wenatchee Washington has over 300 days of sunshine with an ideal cultivation climate for Cannabis. Orchard Heights' advanced glass greenhouse design is ideal for harnessing natural sunlight to enhance potency, flavor, and structure of its premium cannabis.

Benefiting from the most affordable power rates in the nation, Orchard Heights leverages its geographic advantages for competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Canna Candys

Canna Candys (CBD) and Canna Medibles (THC)

  • Active candy brand for 7 years with over 35% of hard candy market share in Southern California
  • 31 flavors, single wrap candy and single wrap lollipop
  • Strong operating team, production of new gummies, beverage and other edibles
  • Distribution in 380 retail stores Southern California
  • CBD only distribution deals in play with NY, FL, NJ, NV, TX, CA

Weekend Unlimited Live

Weekend Unlimited LIVE is an event / experience concept, where Weekend Unlimited USA will present / sponsor events centered around themes such as glass blowing, live/club music in licensed establishments, music festivals, exclusive house parties, destination / travel, sports, charity and more.

Live brand experiences engage audiences very effectively, especially in digital world. Engagement through events connect audiences to a brand in a more powerful way than other forms of marketing.

Weekend Unlimited LIVE will generate interest, awareness and engagement with the lifestyle brand amongst its US audiences.

Eventbrite research has determined that 78% of millennials (18-34) choose to spend money on experiences over possessions. 77% of millennials spend more on events and live experiences, which they say help to shape identity and create life long memories.

Northern Lights Supply

  • Northern Lights Supply is situated in Nisku, Alberta, at the intersection to Canada's largest Oilfield industrial park, along Alberta's busiest corridor, Highway 2 and opposite the Edmonton International Airport.
  • The store is 6,500 square feet of retail space, making it one of the largest approved retail Cannabis stores in Alberta. The store was designed to take advantage of the upcoming edible and infused cannabis products schedule to be legal in the fall of 2019.
  • First store to receive approval to advertise their brand along highway 2.
  • Opening planned for Mid-February 2019.